Exam Management

The examination is a crucial process in any educational institution

Exam Management

    The examination is a crucial process in any educational institution. It enables the faculty & educators to keep a tab on students’ progress & inculcate skill development. However, examination conduction in university is a tedious task. Managing exams in the university take a lot of effort & time of the institutional resources. To ensure smooth conduction of examinations, universities can implement an examination management system. The exam management system automates & streamlines the examination schedule, conduction, and result declaration process while ensuring 100% accuracy of results.

    The Exam Management System is designed to manage, track and monitor the examination activities of colleges and universities. An invigilator can use this system to manage his or her duties, such as exchanging assignments, exam planning, creating Exam papers, question banks with their solutions, etc.

    Exam Management System was designed to give different types of users the ability to manage and monitor their examination activities. This system enables invigilators to manage their tasks, such as exchanging responsibilities, if necessary.

  • 1. Pre-Examination Activities

    MasterSoft exam management software for universities enables the faculty to streamline the following pre-exam activities seamlessly. With the use of the university management system; examination management-related arrangements like time-table, hall tickets, allotments & student attendance sheets can be organized efficiently.
    1. Question Paper Bank
    2. Applications Verification
    3. Test Venue/Hall/Room Audits
    4. Allocation of exam duty to Faculty
    5. Roll Number Creation for students
    6. Room Allotment to Students
    7. Admit Cards & Hall Ticket Generation
    8. Students’ Attendance Sheet Generation

  • 2.Post-Examination Activities

    With MasterSoft’s university exam management software, the given post-exam activities can be managed with a few clicks.

    1.Auto-Marks Evaluation
    2.Final Result Generation & Declaration
    3.Mark Sheets/Grade Card Creation
    4.Printing Certificates
    5.MIS Reports on Students´ Performance
    6.Email/SMS Notifications of the Results

  • Thus, the examination ERP software seamlessly helps faculty to manage - examination fees, declaring results, printing certificates, exam report statistics, degree verification, exam center allotment, etc. The exam software for higher education institutions offers the best user interface to conduct & manage the entire examination work that has to be executed before, during & after the examination process. The examination module manages the post-exam work routine, this is inclusive of mark entries, reports, and valuations.